/ /
8/4/2019Souchon & VoulzyL’oiseau malin0:0
8/4/2019Iggy PopLust for life0:0
25/2/2019PulpCommon people0:0
25/2/2019PulpDisco 20000:0
25/2/2019Manu LodsNon demande en mariage 0:0
18/2/2019Vincent BaghianCe soir, c’est moi qui fais la fille Memoire0:0
11/2/2019RenaudOù c’est que j’ai mis mon flingue0:0
11/2/2019The WhoThe song is over0:0
11/2/2019StingFields of gold0:0
4/2/2019Black Sabbath,0:0
4/2/2019Cyril Mokaïesh et LavilliersLa loi du marché 0:0
4/2/2019MotivésBella ciao0:0
28/1/2019Léo Ferré Récital en public à BobinoComme une fille0:0
21/1/2019Q LazzarusGoodbye horses0:0
21/1/2019Cyril MokaieshIci en France 0:0
14/1/2019T-RexGet it on0:0
14/1/2019The honey coneWant aids0:0
14/1/2019San KuKaïGénérique 0:0
14/1/2019BrassensHécatombe 0:0
17/12/2018Shaka PonkThe Evol’My name is Spain0:0
17/12/2018Nicolas BacchusHou hou méfions-nous0:0
17/12/2018Spencer Davis GroupKeep on running0:0
3/12/2018Jean YanneMon cher Albert0:0
3/12/2018T-RexChildren of the revolution0:0
5/11/2018Rolling StonesShe’s a rainbow0:0
5/11/2018QueenHammer to fall0:0
5/11/2018Noir Désir 666.667 clubComme elle vient 0:0
22/10/2018Beastie BoysSabotage0:0
22/10/2018Aretha FranklinYou’re all I need to get by0:0
22/10/2018Brel(Version rare)Quand on n’a que l’amour0:0
15/10/2018The DoorsBest ofWaiting for the sun0:0
15/10/2018Cyril MokaieshClôture La loi du marché 0:0
2/7/2018Led ZepLive at BBCSince I’ve been loving you0:0
2/7/2018Velvet UndergroundLive at Kansas’ citySweet Jane0:0
18/6/2018François BérangerJoue pas avec mes nerfs0:0
4/6/2018Led ZepGoing to California0:0
4/6/2018The WhoLive at LeedsSummertimes Blues0:0
23/4/2018Eddy de PrettoKid0:0
9/4/2018Jacques HigelinParis, New York - New York, Paris0:0
9/4/2018Patrick FontLe ministre de l’agriculture0:0
26/3/2018Noir Désir666.667 ClubUn jour en France0:0
26/3/2018Marianne FaithfullKissin timeSex with strangers0:0
19/3/2018Smashing PumpkinsMellon collie and the infinite sadnessBullet with butterfly wings0:0
19/3/2018PixiesBossanovaIs she weird0:0
12/3/2018QueenMustafa Ibrahim0:0
12/3/2018Depeche ModeNever let me go down0:0
12/3/2018Deep PurpleMachine HeadSpace truckin’0:0
5/3/2018Beach boysSloop John B0:0
5/3/2018Led ZepSince I’ve been loving you0:0
12/2/2018Jimmy Page & Robert PlantNo quarterNo quarter0:0
12/2/2018StupeflipA bas la hiérarchie 0:0
12/2/2018Henri TachanLes jeux olympiques 0:0
22/1/2018Pascal RinaldiOn se frotte0:0
22/1/2018Captain Beefheart & his magic bandAbba Zabba0:0
15/1/2018Sex PistolsNevermind the bollocksGod save the queen0:0
15/1/2018Janis JoplinCatch me daddy0:0
15/1/2018Janis JoplinFarewell songTry (a little bit harder)0:0
18/12/2017Red Hot Chili PeppersUnder the bridge0:0
18/12/2017Agnès BihlMerci maman, merci papa0:0
18/12/2017MetallicaFor whom the bell tolls0:0
11/12/2017Beastie BoysSabotage0:0
11/12/2017Jean FerratMer d’ormesson0:0
4/12/2017MotorheadGet back in line0:0
4/12/2017SouchonEt si en plus ya personne0:0
4/12/2017The DoorsLove me two times0:0
4/12/2017Frank ZappaChurch chat0:0
4/12/2017Frank ZappaBad Penny0:0
27/11/2017Deep PurpleHush0:0
27/11/2017Gilles CerizayDans les prisons de Nantes0:0
27/11/2017Noir DésirEn route pour la joie 0:0
20/11/2017ACDChighway to hell0:0
13/11/2017Léo FerréPoètes, vos papiers0:0
13/11/2017Rolling StonesHonky tonk women0:0
13/11/2017The Flash ExpressFeel these blues0:0
13/11/2017BeatlesHello Goodbye0:0
23/10/2017Leonard CohenIn my secret life0:0
16/10/2017BeatlesIn my life0:0
16/10/2017NougaroRue Saint-Denis0:0
16/10/2017Dee Dee BridgewaterSuspicious Minds0:0
11/9/2017StretchWhy did you do it ?0:0
11/9/2017Ike & Tina TurnerProud Mary0:0
11/9/2017Lou ReedWalk on the wild side0:0
5/9/2017Michel JonaszDites-moi0:0
4/9/2017PixiesHere comes your man0:0
4/9/2017Ultra vomitPanzer surpriseKommthaar0:0
4/9/2017BeatlesAbbey RoadShe's leaving home0:0
5/6/2017MouloudjiLes années 73-76Tout coûte l'camp0:0
5/6/2017The PixiesBossanovaAll over the world0:0
24/4/2017Donna SummersHot Stuff0:0
24/4/2017Patrick FontLe premier de la classe 0:0
27/3/2017Michel BühlerLa vagueLa vague0:0
27/3/2017James BrownLive in concertI got the feeling0:0
20/3/2017KornFreak on a leash0:0
20/3/2017Cyril Mokaiesh Clôture La loi du marché 0:0
20/3/2017The ExcitmentsHa ha ha0:0
13/3/2017Rolling StonesYou can't always get what you want0:0
13/3/2017Cyril MokaieshClôture Reste libre0:0
13/3/2017Steve Miller BandThe very best ofMacho City0:0
13/3/2017MotorheadBad magicTill the end0:0
6/3/2017The BeatlesAbbey RoadCome together0:0
6/3/2017ZZ TopRecyclerMy head's in Mississippi0:0
6/3/2017Les vilarsDémission0:0
6/3/2017Dee Dee WarwickS.M.0:0
27/2/2017John FogertyCenterfieldRock and roll girls0:0
27/2/2017GogolSous les pavés... Le feuL'internationale des voleurs0:0
27/2/2017The BeatlesAbbey RoadYou never give me your money0:0
13/2/2017Bérurier noirSalut à toi0:0
13/2/2017Les Frères JacquesChansons Paillardes Les trois orfèvres0:0
30/1/2017Rolling StonesHonky tonk women0:0
30/1/2017Neil YoungLive by Marc RosaHeart of gold0:0
30/1/2017Steve Miller?0:0
30/1/2017Foo FightersLive by Marc RosaMy hero0:0
23/1/2017The BeatlesLet it beTwo of us0:0
23/1/2017ThearrsKhronosDu ciel et de la terre0:0
23/1/2017François BérangerMagouille blues0:0
23/1/2017MélenchonLe problème, c'est ceux qui se gavent.0:0
16/1/2017Led ZepGoing to California0:0
16/1/2017Deee-LiteGroove is in the heart0:0
16/1/2017Claude François Melinda0:0
16/1/2017Khaled FreakMacron hurle0:0
16/1/2017Les choeurs de l'Armée rougeLes bateliers de la Volga0:0
2/1/2017Sharon JonesFish in the dish0:0
2/1/2017Souchon VoulzyBercyEt si en plus y'a personne 0:0
2/1/2017David BowieLady Stardust0:0
5/12/2016The KinksWaterloo sunset0:0
5/12/2016Ike & Tina TurnerMississippi rolling stoneChicken0:0
5/12/2016?Hello Dad, I'm in jail0:0
7/11/2016MotorheadKilled by death0:0
7/11/2016David BowieLazarus0:0
7/11/2016Manu LodsGarder le fou rireLe pigeon0:0
7/11/2016The WhoMy generation0:0
24/10/2016Rolling StonesYou can't always get what you want0:0
24/10/2016NirvanaHeart Shaped box0:0
17/10/2016The BeatlesRubber soulIn my life0:0
10/10/2016David BowieSound and vision0:0
10/10/2016Rufus ThomasSoul HitsDo the funky penguin0:0
10/10/2016Les InconnusAuteuil, Neuilly, Passy0:0
12/9/2016Led zepBBC sessionsSince I've been loving you0:0
12/9/2016Brian EnoBy this wire0:0
12/9/2016René BinanéRévolte0:0
5/9/2016Rolling StonesShe's like a rainbow0:0
5/9/2016No one is innocentBarricades liveSilencio0:0
5/9/2016No money kidsMan0:0
27/6/2016??Land of glory0:0
27/6/2016Steve Miller BandThe very best ofThe Joker0:0
20/6/2016Marianne FaithfullKissin timeThe pleasure song0:0
20/6/2016Noir Désir666.667 ClubUn jour en France0:0
13/6/2016Peter ToshLegalize it0:0
13/6/2016Rage against the machineLive at the grand olympic auditoriumKilling in the name0:0
6/6/2016The BeatlesGet Back0:0
6/6/2016Alicia KeysAs I amGo ahead0:0
9/5/2016ACDCLiveHighway to hell0:0
9/5/2016Mass HysteriaMatière noireL'enfer des dieux0:0
9/5/2016SantanaShe's not there0:0
25/4/2016FrasiakMon BérangerManifeste0:0
25/4/2016Tom JonesKiss0:0
25/4/2016PrinceWhen doves cry0:0
18/4/2016ACDCLiveHells Bells0:0
21/3/2016MetallicaRide the lightningFor whom the bell tolls0:0
21/3/2016The Velvet Underground Max's Kansas CityI'm waiting for the man0:0
14/3/2016The KinksYou really got me0:0
14/3/2016Rolling Stones FlashpointYou can't always get what you want0:0
14/3/2016George BensonNature boy0:0
7/3/2016Rolling StonesThe Rolling StonesRoute 660:0
7/3/2016Bryan FerryThe CollectionSlave to love0:0
7/3/2016Leonard CohenLe partisan0:0
22/2/2016The KinksAll day and all of the night0:0
22/2/2016Robbie WilliamsFeel0:0
22/2/2016Aretha FranklinRespect0:0
15/2/2016Jefferson airplaneWhite Rabbit0:0
15/2/2016Iggy PopCandy0:0
15/2/2016Troyes SivanFools0:0
15/2/2016Tommy StewartGet off your seats0:0
15/2/2016Amy McDonaldThis is the life0:0
1/2/2016Jefferson airplaneWhite rabbit0:0
1/2/2016 MatmatahUn tour à Lambé0:0
1/2/2016 Fleetwood MacBlack magic woman0:0
18/1/2016Iggy PopLust for life0:0
18/1/2016Jacques BrelInfinimentLes bigotes0:0
18/1/2016David Bowie & Bing CrosbyPeace on earth0:0
11/1/2016David BowieSound and Vision0:0
11/1/2016David BowieAlabama Song0:0
11/1/2016David BowieChange0:0
4/1/2016MotorheadDamage case0:0
4/1/2016Leonard CohenEverybody knows0:0
4/1/2016Michel DelpechQue Marianne était jolie0:0
14/12/2015Eagles of DeathMetalSave a Prayer0:0
14/12/2015Led ZepBBC SessionsImmigrant song0:0
7/12/2015MotorheadSympathy for the eevil0:0
7/12/2015PixiesIs she weird0:0
7/12/2015New OrderGet readyCrystal0:0
23/11/2015RammsteinHeirate mich0:0
23/11/2015 EodmI got a feeling (just nineteen)0:0
23/11/2015The Steve Miller bandFly like an eagle0:0
23/11/2015Cheek &ChangMy eye0:0
9/11/2015Noir Désir666.667 clubComme elle vient0:0
9/11/2015Alex BeaupainAprès moi, le déluge Je peux aimer pour deux0:0
9/11/2015Shirley BassetGoldfinger0:0
9/11/2015Bentley Rythm AceBRABentley will sort you out0:0
26/10/2015Amy WinehouseRehab0:0
26/10/2015The DoorsLove me two times0:0
26/10/2015Germaine LixChansons toxiquesQuand j'ai bu mon p'tit coup d' Bordeaux0:0
12/10/2015?Le chant des partisans0:0
12/10/2015ZebdaEssence ordinaireTomber la chemise0:0
12/10/2015Ben E. kingStand by me0:0
28/9/2015Led ZeppelinBBC SessionsDazed and confused0:0
28/9/2015PaparoachFearFace everything and rise0:0
28/9/2015?Il était une fois l'espace0:0
28/9/2015Norah JonesCome away with meLonestar0:0
21/9/2015Guy BéartLe premier qui dit la vérité0:0
21/9/2015Red Hot Chili PeppersHigher ground0:0
21/9/2015PulpCommon People0:0
14/9/2015Les CharlotsMerci patron !0:0
14/9/2015PrincePrince and the revolutioKiss0:0
14/9/2015Rolling StonesBrown Sugar0:0
14/9/2015Didier superLes gens qui bossent0:0
14/9/2015Nick Cave and the bad seedsWhere the wild roses grow0:0
7/9/2015MetallicaBlack albumEnter Sandman0:0
7/9/2015Spencer Davis GroupBest of the bluesGimme some lovin'0:0
31/8/2015Papa roachLovetragedyBorn with nothing, die with everything0:0
31/8/2015Les sales majestésLe politicien0:0
31/8/2015Dirk PowellLa terre tremblante0:0
29/6/2015EvanescenceFallenBring me to life0:0
29/6/2015No money kidsMan0:0
29/6/2015Marie DubasLe tango stupéfiant0:0
29/6/2015Les Acadiens Tous les Acadiens0:0
15/6/2015Peter ToshLegalize it0:0
15/6/2015Léo FerréPoètes, vos papiers !0:0
15/6/2015Bob DylanRainy day woman0:0
15/6/2015Bob MarleyRedemption song0:0
15/6/2015The DoorsLight my fire0:0
1/6/2015QueenDon't stop me now0:0
1/6/2015Chanson plus bifluoréeLe grand castingJe viens twitter ce soir0:0
1/6/2015Led ZepBBC sessionsHeartbreaker0:0
1/6/2015DagobaPoseïdonBlack Smokers0:0
18/5/2015Royal bloodRoyal bloodLittle monster0:0
18/5/2015Les quatre barbusLa purge0:0
18/5/2015Ben E KingDon't play that song0:0
18/5/2015MetallicaBlack albumThe Unforgiven0:0
11/5/2015Jackson FiveCorner of the sky0:0
11/5/2015DioHoly Diver0:0
11/5/2015Caramelios de cyanurosVeronica0:0
11/5/2015Betty Writewhere is the love0:0
11/5/2015Lovern Bake Saved0:0
20/4/2015Fountains of wayneFountains of wayneSink to the bottom0:0
20/4/2015?Paris s'éveille (chanson contre)0:0
20/4/2015SpiderbatBlack Betty0:0
20/4/2015 Bentley rythm aceBentley rythm ace0:0
13/4/2015The DoorsLove me two times0:0
13/4/2015The WhoPinball wizard0:0
13/4/2015EluveitieSlaniaInis mona0:0
13/4/2015Rage against the machineThe Gost of Tom Joad0:0
13/4/2015Noir DésirLes écorchés vifs0:0
6/4/2015NightwishMade in Hong KongAmaranth0:0
6/4/2015Colette MagnyChansons "contre"Nous sommes le pouvoir ensemble0:0
6/4/2015Cannd HeathRadio SaïgonOn the road again0:0
30/3/2015Rolling stonesMiss you0:0
30/3/2015Black WidowIn this momentBig bad wolf0:0
30/3/2015ThiéfaineTranche de vie0:0
30/3/2015Les sales majestésLe politicien0:0
2/3/2015Rolling stones19th nervous breakdown0:0
16/2/2015 Les quatre barbusLe Triomphe de l'anarchie0:0
16/2/2015Jimi HendrixHey Joe0:0
16/2/2015Wim MertensLa stratégie de la rupture Houfnice0:0
16/2/2015Frank SinatraFly me to the moon0:0
9/2/2015The DoorsWaiting for the sun0:0
9/2/2015Jean FerratLe sabre et le goupillon0:0
9/2/2015Eli Paperboy ReedHelp me0:0
9/2/2015Otis ReddingThe Dock of the dayTramp0:0
9/2/2015Little RichardAll around the world0:0
19/1/2015MagoaBetraying Grace0:0
19/1/2015Shaka PonkThe white pixel apeScarify0:0
19/1/2015CaravanIn the land of grey and pink0:0
12/1/2015La canailleNi dieu ni maître0:0
12/1/2015Of mice & menWould you still be there0:0
12/1/2015The QueenMustapha0:0
12/1/2015CabuLa tarentelle de Caruso0:0
5/1/2015FrasiakMon BérangerMon vieux0:0
5/1/2015Elvis PresleySuspicious minds0:0
5/1/2015Oscar D'LeonCanta sus exitosPara chango0:0
15/12/2014PixiesThe Happening0:0
15/12/2014Steel PantherFeel the steelEye of a panther0:0
15/12/2014Hollywood UndeadSwan songUndead0:0
15/12/2014Max BoublilJoyeux Noël0:0
8/12/2014BeatlesPenny Lane0:0
8/12/2014Led ZepComlunication Breakdown0:0
8/12/2014NickelbackSilver side upHow you remind me0:0
8/12/2014Nick Cave and the bad seedsDig, Lazarus, dig0:0
8/12/2014Elvis PresleySuspicious minds0:0
24/11/2014Noir Désir666.667 clubUn jour en France0:0
24/11/2014Rise of the North starWelcameWelcame0:0
24/11/2014Tech 9The beast0:0
24/11/2014John Lee HookerThelma0:0
24/11/2014Glady Knight & the pigsI've got to use my inspiration0:0
17/11/2014Velvet UndergroundLive at Kansas' cityI'm waiting for my man0:0
17/11/2014Machine headBurn my eyesOld0:0
17/11/2014Brigitte FontaineJe suis conne0:0
17/11/2014Ike & Tina TurnerRolling on the river0:0
17/11/2014Sami CookSugar dumpling0:0
10/11/2014Noir Désir666.667 club666.667 club0:0
10/11/2014EluveiticOriginsThe call of the mountains0:0
10/11/2014Ed SheeranKiss me0:0
10/11/2014MuseLive at Rome olympic stadiumPanic station0:0
10/11/2014Jean YanneLes revendications d'Albert0:0
3/11/2014Katy PerryOne of the boysI kissed a girl0:0
3/11/2014Jacques BrelLa chanson de Jacky0:0
3/11/2014Ray ConniffMemories are made of thisMemories are made of this0:0
13/10/2014System of a dawnChop suey0:0
13/10/2014Heaven's basementFilthy empireI am electric0:0
13/10/2014Porte mentauxAh ça ira0:0
13/10/2014SantanaThe ultimate collectionOye como va0:0
13/10/2014Iggy PopThe Passenger0:0
6/10/2014Noir Désir666.667 clubComme elle vient0:0
6/10/2014EvanescenceFallenMy immortal0:0
6/10/2014Louis PrismaCharleston0:0
6/10/2014Sophie ForteMaman dit qu'il ne faut pasTonton est tata0:0
29/9/2014The ArrsTrinityEnnemis0:0
29/9/2014The PixiesBossanovaCecilia Ann0:0
29/9/2014François BérangerL'amourLe vieux0:0
29/9/2014Yves SimonDiabolo Menthe0:0
22/9/2014The Velvet UndergroundLive at Max's Kansas CityI'm waiting for my man0:0
22/9/2014EpicaThe Quantum EnigmaVictims of contingency0:0
22/9/2014Tagada Jones20 ans d'ombre & lumièreCargo0:0
22/9/2014OldelafLa peine de mort0:0
15/9/2014PixiesBossanovaMy Vellouria0:0
15/9/2014Shaka PonkThe geeks and the jerkin' socksShiza radio0:0
15/9/2014Stray CatsRunaway Boy0:0
15/9/2014Ronnie James DioHoly Diver0:0
8/9/2014EluveitieSlaniaPrimordial breathe0:0
8/9/2014PlaceboOnce more with feelingThe bitter end0:0
8/9/2014Deep PurpleHush0:0
30/6/2014PixiesBossanovaThe Happening0:0
30/6/2014François BérangerMamadou m'a dit0:0
30/6/2014Juan Formell y los VanvanEsto te pone la cabeza mala0:0
30/6/2014Mickael JacksonMama says0:0
23/6/2014Led ZepBBC SessionsThat's the way0:0
23/6/2014Led ZepBBC SessionsGoing to California0:0
23/6/2014Marilyn MansonThe golden age of grotesquemOBSCENE0:0
23/6/2014Tagada Jones20 ans d'ombre & de lumièreZero de conduite0:0
23/6/2014Velvet UndergroundLiveSweet Bonnie Brown / It's too much0:0
23/6/2014Jackson FiveI wanna be where you are0:0
16/6/2014Peter ToshLegalize it0:0
16/6/2014The CureFaith0:0
16/6/2014Billy ze kickOCB0:0
16/6/2014James BrownI feel good0:0
16/6/2014Sam CookeSoul Man0:0
9/6/2014Bruce SpringsteenBorn in the USA0:0
2/6/2014Jean FerratPauvres petits c...0:0
2/6/2014NirvanaMolly's lips (live)0:0
2/6/2014Papa RoachKick in the teeth0:0
2/6/2014Grieg EdvardPeer Gynt suite n°10:0
26/5/2014N-FactorVibes from no-go area0:0
26/5/2014The WhoTommyThe acid queen0:0
26/5/2014Aretha FranklinI take what I want0:0
26/5/2014Ether MermanForbidden Broadway0:0
19/5/2014The WhoTommyPinball Wizard0:0
19/5/2014MistinguettSous les ponts0:0
19/5/2014Mylène FarmerSans contrefaçon0:0
19/5/2014Manu DibangoSoul Makossa0:0
19/5/2014Sneaker PimpsBecoming XHow do0:0
12/5/2014Body CountBorn deadBorn dead0:0
12/5/2014ZazieTêtu les 15 ansAdam et Yves0:0
12/5/2014ZZ TopRecyclerBurger Man0:0
12/5/2014Métal urbainCrève salope0:0
21/4/2014David BowieChina Girl0:0
21/4/2014Juliette GrecoJe suis comme je suisVieille0:0
21/4/2014Terry PoisonGorgeous0:0
21/4/2014The Human LeagueDo you want me0:0
14/4/2014The Rolling StonesBrown Sugar0:0
14/4/2014Les PoppiesNon, rien n'a changé0:0
14/4/2014Michel BühlerChansons têtuesUn village0:0
14/4/2014Bee GeesStaying alive0:0
7/4/2014Noir DésirEn route pour la joieEn route pour la joie0:0
7/4/2014Gogol 1erJ'encule0:0
7/4/2014Dandy WarholsBohemian like me0:0
7/4/2014Amy WinehouseBack to black0:0
7/4/2014Deep PurpleHush0:0
31/3/2014The VaselinesEnter the VaselinesSon of a gun0:0
31/3/2014Steel PantherBalls outLet me cum in0:0
31/3/2014Sophie ForteMaman dit qu'il ne faut pasTonton est tata0:0
31/3/2014Jethro TullLiving in the pastLocomotive breathe0:0
31/3/2014La Chanson du DimancheDans ton cul0:0
31/3/2014Brenda LeeI'm sorry0:0
24/3/2014Rolling StonesMiss you0:0
24/3/2014Rocky Horror Picture Show?0:0
24/3/2014GreenLet's stay together0:0
24/3/2014Francesca SolevilleJe suis ainsi...Comme une blessure0:0
24/3/2014Les Sales MajestésLe politicien0:0
10/3/2014Rolling StonesStill lifeStart me up0:0
10/3/2014Vienna boys choirThe little babe0:0
10/3/2014La vida bohèmeNuestraRadio capital0:0
10/3/2014Django ReinhardtAll of me0:0
17/2/2014Noir DésirVeuillez rendre l'âmeLes écorchés0:0
17/2/2014LofoforaPeuh !Intox populi0:0
10/2/2014Rockin'squatBon appétit0:0
10/2/2014Noir désir666.667 club666.667 club0:0
10/2/2014Brigitte Fontaine Au diable dieu0:0
10/2/2014Alice CooperBeast ofSchool's off0:0
3/2/2014The DoorsWhen the music's over0:0
3/2/2014Jane BirkinLolita go home0:0
3/2/2014Glamour of the killsThe summoningSupremacy0:0
3/2/2014The Blues Brothers?0:0
27/1/2014The Rolling StonesStart me up0:0
27/1/2014Iggy PopI wanna be your dog0:0
27/1/2014DubamixMix a dubActing dub0:0
27/1/2014Timmy ThomasWhy can't we live together0:0
20/1/2014The WhoMy generationPlease please please0:0
20/1/2014Led ZepTravelling riverside blues0:0
20/1/2014Brenda LeeFly me to the moon0:0
20/1/2014N-goVibes from the no go areaDo or die0:0
13/1/2014The WhoTattoo0:0
13/1/2014Enter ShikarlTake to the skiesSorry, you are not a winner0:0
13/1/2014Leonard CohenEverybody knows0:0
7/1/2014A FranklinRescue me0:0
6/1/2014PixiesGouge away0:0
6/1/2014Led ZepDazed and confused0:0
6/1/2014Sixto RodrigezCrucify your mind0:0
6/1/2014Renaud500 connards0:0
6/1/2014FrasiakChroniquesM Boulot0:0
16/12/2013Led ZepGoing to California0:0
16/12/2013Moon MartinBad news0:0
16/12/2013PentatonixDaft Punk (reprise)0:0
9/12/2013Noir Désir666.667 clubIci Paris0:0
2/12/2013BeatlesAbbey RoadCome Together0:0
2/12/2013Mass HysteriaWorld on fire0:0
2/12/2013GuidoniPutains...Tous des putains0:0
25/11/2013Chemical brothersHey girl hey boy0:0
25/11/2013Etienne DahoLes chansons de l'innocence0:0
25/11/2013Serge GainsbourgDes laids, des laids0:0
25/11/2013Janis JopplinMary Jane0:0
18/11/2013Dionne WarwickDon't make me over0:0
18/11/2013Linkin ParkOne step closer0:0
18/11/2013James TaylorJust call me0:0
11/11/2013Philippe KaterineRobots après toutLe 20/04/20050:0
11/11/2013Sam Cook A change is gonna come0:0
11/11/2013Led ZepWhat is and what never should be0:0
11/11/2013Glenn MillerBlue Moon0:0
4/11/2013The VaselinesSon of a gun0:0
4/11/2013John Lee HookerWhiskey and wimen0:0
4/11/2013SpiderbaitBlack Betty0:0
4/11/2013PlaceboBigmouth strike again0:0
28/10/2013Lou ReedThis magic moment0:0
28/10/2013Roger Glover & Butterfly BallLove is all0:0
28/10/2013Lou ReedPerfect day0:0
14/10/2013SlayerSouth of heaven0:0
14/10/2013TrévidyConfessionsY'a plus de pavés0:0
14/10/2013Black veil bridesWretched and divineWretched and divine0:0
14/10/2013JulietteNourLe diable dans la bouteille0:0
14/10/2013FraziakParlons-nousFrançois Béranger0:0
30/9/2013PixiesBossanovaIs she weird0:0
30/9/2013Jacques DutroncAu casinoLa fille du Père Noël0:0
30/9/2013Entre 2 caissesOn y est presqueJe pète au lit0:0
30/9/2013Lenny KravitzAre you gonna go my way0:0
30/9/2013Harry BelafonteDay-O0:0
23/9/2013Bullet for my valentineThe poisonHit the floor0:0
23/9/2013Georges BrassensLe petit joueur de flute0:0
23/9/2013SealI can't stand the rain0:0
23/9/2013JulietteRimes féminines0:0
16/9/2013Ozzy OsbourneCrazy Train0:0
16/9/2013Nicolas BacchusTa mère (me veut pour gendre)0:0
16/9/2013The easybeatsThe boat that rocked0:0
16/9/2013David BowieSound and vision0:0
16/9/2013Marylin monroe & Cole PorterMy Heart belongs to daddy0:0
9/9/2013Led ZepSince I've been loving you0:0
9/9/2013Kill switch engageIn due time0:0
1/7/2013The VaselinesJesus don't want me for a sunbeam0:0
1/7/2013The DoorsLove me two times0:0
1/7/2013NickelbackSilverside upHow you remind me0:0
1/7/2013MelissmellDroit dans la gueule du loupDéserteur0:0
1/7/2013Mass hysteriaL'armée des ombresL'homme s'entête0:0
1/7/2013Leonard CohenEverybody knows0:0
24/6/2013Neil Young(Live)Down by the river0:0
24/6/2013N-factorVibes from no go areaTestimony0:0
24/6/2013David BowieThe Next DayDirty boys0:0
17/6/2013Peter ToshLegalize it0:0
17/6/2013Le Peuple de l'herbepH Thème0:0
17/6/2013The Style SingersI'll take you there0:0
17/6/2013Patti SmithOutside SocietyRock n'roll nigger0:0
17/6/2013Barrington LevyUnder mi sensi0:0
10/6/2013Led ZepTravelling riverside blues0:0
10/6/2013En vogueMy lovin' (you're never gonna get it)0:0
10/6/2013BoSergePunk à chiens0:0
3/6/2013Sonic YouthSuperstar0:0
3/6/2013NirvanaRape me0:0
3/6/2013The DoorsThe Changeling0:0
3/6/2013Max Raabe & Palast OrchesterKiss0:0
27/5/2013Tame impalaElephant0:0
27/5/2013Led ZepBlack dog0:0
27/5/2013Solomon BurkeHold on, I'm coming0:0
27/5/2013AlibertUne partie de pétanque0:0
20/5/2013Rolling stonesStart me up0:0
20/5/2013Avenged ScavenfoldNightmareWelcome to the family0:0
20/5/2013Marie MyriamL'oiseau et l'enfant0:0
20/5/2013The PretendersPackedMay this be love0:0
13/5/2013Papa RoachLovehatragedyBorn with nothing, die with everything0:0
13/5/2013The WrigglesPSG0:0
13/5/2013The DoorsBreak on through0:0
13/5/2013The WhoHeaven and Hell0:0
13/5/2013FrasiakChroniquesGraine d'ananar0:0
13/5/2013John FogertyRock and roll girls0:0
6/5/2013The KinksI've got the feeling0:0
6/5/2013Led ZepWhat is and what should never be0:0
6/5/2013Captain Beefheart & his magic bandElectricity0:0
6/5/2013Paperboy reed Boom boom0:0
6/5/2013Kula ShakerTattva0:0
6/5/2013Alex HepburnUnder0:0
29/4/2013Berurier noirConcerto pour détraquésIl tua son petit frère0:0
29/4/2013MuseThe resistanceUndisclosed desires0:0
29/4/2013Van MorrisonBrown eyed girl0:0
29/4/2013David BowieLiveSound and vision0:0
22/4/2013Bullet for my ValentineTemper TemperTemper temper0:0
22/4/2013MotorheadAce of Spades0:0
22/4/2013Serge GainsbourgVu de l'extérieur0:0
22/4/2013Gil CerisayHomoportrait bis0:0
15/4/2013David BowieLiveSound and vision0:0
15/4/2013Oscar d'LeonCanta su exitosPara chango0:0
15/4/2013Little RichardAll around the world0:0
15/4/2013Nicolas BacchusSoyez PD0:0
15/4/2013Wizard of OzDing dong the witch is dead0:0
8/4/2013Bullet for my ValentineTemper temperWhole lotta Rosie0:0
8/4/2013?God save the queen0:0
8/4/2013Led ZepCommunication breakdown0:0
8/4/2013SisterI believe in miracles0:0
8/4/2013RenaudPutain de camionMaggie0:0
8/4/2013Gloria GaynorI will survive0:0
1/4/2013Big MaytelleCandy0:0
1/4/2013Rock'in squatLibreDit et non-dit0:0
25/3/2013Noir Désir666.667 clubUn jour en France0:0
25/3/2013Doobie BrothersExcitment0:0
25/3/2013Michel LegrandChanson des jumelles0:0
25/3/2013Sam & DaveSoul man0:0
25/3/2013David Bowie & Queen Under Pressure0:0
18/3/2013Ike & Tina TurnerMississippi Rolling StoneChicken0:0
18/3/2013Sammy Hagar?0:0
18/3/2013The ClashThe Magnificent Seven0:0
18/3/2013David BowieThe Next DayThe Stars (are out tonight)0:0
11/3/2013Henri CourseauxMa foi, je douteViva el papa !0:0
11/3/2013Romain DidierConcert 2007A quoi ça tient0:0
11/3/2013Stevie WonderHappy Birthday0:0
11/3/2013Led ZepBBC Sessions (Disc 1)I can't quit you baby0:0
11/3/2013Francis BlancheMon cher Albert0:0
4/3/2013Noir DésirTostakyOne trip, one noise0:0
4/3/2013Led ZepBBC Session (Disc 1)Communication Breakdown0:0
4/3/2013Léo FerréLe temps des roses rougesMonsieur Tout-Blanc0:0
4/3/2013QueenRadio Ga Ga0:0
4/3/2013Nicolas BacchusLa Verve et la joieCe que je fais de moi0:0
4/3/2013Lynn CollinsThink0:0
4/3/2013Ramon PipinLe vilain petit zoziau0:0
4/3/2013Karen CarpenterClose to you0:0
25/2/2013Pixies BossanovaIs she weird0:0
25/2/2013SpiderbaitBlack betty0:0
25/2/2013Nicolas BacchusDevant tout le mondeIdentite nationale0:0
25/2/2013MetallicaRide the lightningRide the lightning0:0
25/2/2013FrehelOù est-il donc ?0:0
18/2/2013FrasiakChroniqueTous ces mots terribles0:0
18/2/2013Wilson PickettsGreatest HitsHey Jude0:0
18/2/2013Jacques BrelLe Moribond0:0
18/2/2013RammsteinMein Herz brennt0:0
18/2/2013David BowieSpace Oddity0:0
4/2/2013Berry GordyDo you love me0:0
4/2/2013The PixiesBossanovaCecilia Ann0:0
4/2/2013Little RichardLucille0:0
4/2/2013GainsbourgLove on the beatLemon incest0:0
4/2/2013Jackson 5I wanna be where you are0:0
28/1/2013 Jimmy Page &Robert PlantWhen I was a boy0:0
28/1/2013ZazieAdam et Yves0:0
28/1/2013Limp BizkitGimme the mic0:0
28/1/2013Suzanne GabrielloLes jolies colonies de la France0:0
14/1/2013Pink floydIs there anybody out thereYoung lust0:0
14/1/2013Taylor SwiftSpeak nowMine0:0
14/1/2013Georges BrassensLes oiseaux de passage0:0
14/1/2013OldelafNathalie mon amour des JMJ0:0
14/1/2013RodriguezHeiki's suburbia bustour0:0
7/1/2013Led ZeppelinWalking into ClarksdaleMost High0:0
7/1/2013Jacques DutroncMerde in France0:0
7/1/2013Noir Désir666.667 clubUn jour en France0:0
7/1/2013Mylène FarmerDans la peau d'une autre0:0
7/1/2013RodriguezI wonder0:0
8/10/2012Jimmy Page & Robert PlantWalking into ClarksdaleWhen the world was young0:0
8/10/2012Grappo maderaChants de la révolution bolivarienneChavez no se va0:0
8/10/2012The VaselinesJesus don't want me for a sunbeam0:0
8/10/2012Van MorrisonBrown eyed girl0:0
8/10/2012KC and sunshine bandDisco Inferno0:0
24/9/2012Klaus NomiSimple Man0:0
24/9/2012Tranxene 200Et vice et versa0:0
24/9/2012The PoguesDirty Old Town0:0
24/9/2012Chinese Man RecordSearching for hero0:0
24/9/2012Irene LaraFame0:0
17/9/2012Tom JonesBlack Betty0:0
17/9/2012Led ZeppelinWalking into ClarksdaleMost High0:0
17/9/2012Sly & the family stoneI can't turn you loose now0:0
17/9/2012Pussy RiotPutin Put Erina0:0
17/9/2012System of a DawnChop Suey0:0
10/9/2012The PixiesBossanovaDig for fire0:0
10/9/2012Rolling StonesStart me up0:0
10/9/2012Pussy Riot?0:0
3/9/2012The BeatlesDon't let me down0:0
3/9/2012The PixiesBossanovaCecilia Ann0:0
3/9/201238 SpecialTake 'em out0:0
3/9/2012Scott McKenzieIf you're going to San Francisco0:0
3/9/2012MorisseyLet Me Kiss You0:0
3/9/2012Pink FloydWish you were hereWish you were here0:0
9/7/2012Janis JoplinPearlMe and Bobby Mc Gee0:0
9/7/2012Gil CerisayDans les prisons de Nantes0:0
9/7/2012The CoastersThe Dom in Mexico0:0
2/7/2012J5Corner of the sky0:0
2/7/2012AssassinTouche d'espoirTouche d'espoir0:0
2/7/2012SadeLove deluxeNo ordinary love0:0
2/7/2012Romain DidierA quoi ça tient0:0
2/7/2012Patrick FontPatrick Font chante en publicLe chien abandonné0:0
25/6/2012Led ZeppelinBBC Sessions (Disc 1)What is and what should never be0:0
25/6/2012Slash & FergieSlashBeautiful Dangerous0:0
25/6/2012Brigitte FontaineLes palacesC'est normal0:0
25/6/2012WarpBloody Beatroots0:0
11/6/2012Jimmy CliffReggae Night0:0
11/6/2012Peter ToshLegalize itLegalize it0:0
11/6/2012Black bombaSpeech of freedomMary0:0
11/6/2012Les Caramels mousLes gais vendangeurs0:0
11/6/2012BurningheadsHear thisWho's got the herb0:0
11/6/2012Funkadelic1976 / 1978n60:0
4/6/2012PixiesBossanovaCecila Ann0:0
4/6/2012Robert RoccaGayIls en sont tous0:0
4/6/2012Shirley & CoShame Shame Shame0:0
4/6/2012Candy StatonToo hurt to cry0:0
28/5/2012SanseverinoChez LeprestDans son sac à main0:0
28/5/2012Led ZeppelinRemasters (Disc 1)Babe, I'm gonna leave you0:0
28/5/2012PortisheadRoseland NYc LiveCowboys0:0
21/5/2012Gogol 1erEngagé0:0
21/5/2012Al GreenJust the two of us0:0
21/5/2012Donna SummerI Feel Love0:0
21/5/2012Laumont DauzierCool me out0:0
15/5/2012Pink FloydWish you were hereWish you were here0:0
14/5/2012Didier SuperA bas les gens qui bossent0:0
14/5/2012Les amis de ta femmeSois fainéant0:0
14/5/2012Side StepperChevere0:0
14/5/2012Black StrobeI'm a man0:0
14/5/2012Bernard LavilliersBosse0:0
14/5/2012CaméoShake your pants0:0
7/5/2012Les choeurs de l'Armée RougeHymne0:0
7/5/2012ACDCThat's the way I wanna rock'n'roll0:0
7/5/2012The BreedersCanonball0:0
7/5/2012Taylor SwiftSpeak nowHaunted0:0
7/5/2012HK et les saltimbanksOn lâche rien0:0
7/5/2012Beastie BoysSabotage0:0
7/5/2012Patrick HernandezBorn to be alive0:0
30/4/2012TrevidyCompilation d'un mec de gauchePoumpapon0:0
30/4/2012Janis JoplinKozmic BluesTry (a little bit harder)0:0
30/4/2012The DoorsWaiting for the sun0:0
30/4/2012The Sex PistolMy Way0:0
30/4/2012Boney MDaddy Cool0:0
23/4/2012Patrick FontLe candidat des cons0:0
23/4/2012The Isley BrothersThis old heart of mine0:0
23/4/2012The Fatback BandDo the bus stop0:0
23/4/2012Village PeopleMachoman0:0
23/4/2012Pink FloydTime0:0
23/4/2012Pink Floyd Breathe0:0
16/4/2012ACDCLiveDirty Deeds0:0
16/4/2012François BérangerEn public 98L'état de merde0:0
16/4/2012Françoise HardyMa Journée fout le camp0:0
16/4/2012Rolling StonesYou Can't Always Get What You Want0:0
16/4/2012Sneaker PimpsBecoming XLow Place Like Home0:0
10/4/2012Mark Ronson feat Boy George(Live)Somebody to Love Me0:0
9/4/2012François BérangerIntégral 74-80 (Disc 3)Magouille Blues0:0
9/4/2012Red Hot Chili PepperCut In L.A.If You Want Me To Stay0:0
9/4/2012The Pointer SistersYes We Can0:0
9/4/2012MadonnaAmerican LifeHollywood0:0
6/4/2012PortisheadRoseland NYc LiveGlory Box0:0
2/4/2012The ClashThe story of the Clash (2)Spanish Bombs0:0
2/4/2012Finley QuayeBackstageIt's great when we're together0:0
2/4/2012Luis Mariano20 chansons d'orMexico0:0
12/3/2012PixiesBossanovaIs She Weird0:0
12/3/2012Bernard LavilliersCauses perdues et musiques tropicalesCauses perdues0:0
12/3/2012Yves MontandLes Feuilles Mortes0:0
12/3/2012Bob DylanForever Young0:0
12/3/2012MGMTElectric Feel0:0
5/3/2012Billy Ze KickL'Adjudant Gereux0:0
5/3/2012James BrownLive at Chastain ParkIt's Too Funky In Here0:0
5/3/2012AldebertLes Meilleurs AmisMon Homonyme0:0
5/3/2012The Isley BrothersFight The Power0:0
5/3/2012Candi StationIn The Ghetto0:0
5/3/2012Stevie WonderI don't know why0:0
27/2/2012Isaac HayesChef AidNo substitute0:0
27/2/2012Musical YouthPass the dutchie0:0
27/2/2012Georges BrassensMélanie0:0
27/2/2012Donna SummerHot Stuff0:0
20/2/2012Pink FloydIs There Anybody Out ThereHey You0:0
20/2/2012Noir DésirSoyons désinvoltes, n'ayons l'air de rienUn Jour En France0:0
20/2/2012QueenLive MagicI Want To Break Free0:0
20/2/2012Serge GainsbourgVu De L'Extérieur0:0
20/2/2012Tom JonesIt's Not Unusual0:0
20/2/2012Eli Paperboy ReedHelp Me0:0
13/2/2012Pink FloydIs There Anybody Out ThereRun Like Hell0:0
13/2/2012ACDCACDC LiveHeatseeker0:0
13/2/2012Timmy ThomasSoul HitsWhy Can't We Live Together0:0
13/2/2012Iggy Pop & The StoogesSearch And Destroy0:0
13/2/2012Gilles ServatAiles et îlesLa Paroisse0:0
13/2/2012ACDCACDC LiveThunderstruck0:0
6/2/2012DubamixMix a dubActing Dub0:0
6/2/2012OtoktonesSeul At Home0:0
6/2/2012Black StrokeI'm a man0:0
6/2/2012John FogertyRock'n Roll Girls0:0
6/2/2012Skunk SnapsI'm your pimp0:0
30/1/2012MugarCeltic BerberGhani-Lah0:0
30/1/2012DubamixMix a DubDHG0:0
30/1/2012EZ3kielRue Montplaisir0:0
30/1/2012The Isley BrothersFight The Power0:0
30/1/2012OtoktonesPoisson rouge0:0
30/1/2012Lalo Guerrero Y Sus Cinco LobosLa Boîte NoireMarihuana Boogie0:0
23/1/2012Pink FloydIs There Anybody Out ThereYoung Lust0:0
23/1/2012Marianne FaithfullKissin TimeSliding Throug Life on charm0:0
23/1/2012Marc OgeretAutour De La CommuneL'Internationale0:0
23/1/2012Aretha FranklinA Brand New Me0:0
9/1/2012The PixiesBossanovaAll Over The World0:0
9/1/2012EpicaThe Divine ConspiracyNever Enough0:0
9/1/2012 The Pointer SistersSend Him Back0:0
9/1/2012Polémix & La voix offDanse Sur La CriseSarkoplan De Relance0:0
9/1/2012Philips EstherHome is where the hatred0:0
3/1/2012Al GreenI'd still choose you0:0
2/1/2012Renaud500 connards0:0
2/1/2012Led ZeppelinI'm gonna leave you0:0
2/1/2012Noir Désir666.667 ClubUn jour en France0:0
26/12/2011Chanson Plus BifluoréePetit Pasqua Noël0:0
26/12/2011Depeche modeEnjoy The Silence0:0
26/12/2011Wilson Pickett'sGreatest HitsHey Jude0:0
26/12/2011AldebertDis-Moi Dimanche0:0
26/12/2011Rolling StonesSingles 1968-1971Sympathy for the devil0:0
19/12/2011Chanson Plus BifluoréePour de vrai, pour de rireJésus viendra pour les vacances0:0
19/12/2011Eric CartmanThe WhalesPoker Face0:0
19/12/2011Bernard Lavilliers & Cesaria EvoraCarnets de bordElle chante0:0
12/12/2011Pearl JamYieldGiven To Fly0:0
12/12/2011AdrenalinePleymoAlphabet Prison0:0
12/12/2011Gogol PremierChansons DangereusesJ'encule0:0
12/12/2011Allain LeprestLeprest symphoniqueSDF0:0
12/12/2011Jacques BrelOlympiaAmsterdam0:0
5/12/2011Don ChoaVapeurs ToxiquesRoule0:0
5/12/2011Ike & Tina TurnerMississppi Rolling StoneYou're up to something0:0
5/12/2011Petula ClarkKaleïdoscopeDowntown0:0
5/12/2011Velvet UndergroundLive at Kansas CitySunday Morning0:0
5/12/2011Jimmy Page & Robert PlantWalking into ClarksdaleWalking into Clarksdale0:0
28/11/2011Elvis PresleyIn The Ghetto0:0
28/11/2011MuseThe ResistanceExogenesis : (Symphony Part 1)0:0
28/11/2011The Isley BrothersWho's That Lady0:0
28/11/2011Otis ReddingMr Pitiful0:0
21/11/2011François BérangerDure MèreL'Internationale0:0
21/11/2011Billy Ze KickOCB0:0
21/11/2011PixiesBossanovaThe Happening0:0
21/11/2011D. GauchT'nTMerzclando Culturas0:0
14/11/2011KavinskyNight Call0:0
14/11/2011Cyril MokaieshDu Rouge et des passionsMon Epoque0:0
14/11/2011Led ZepBBC Session (Disc 1)Communication Breakdown0:0
14/11/2011WeezerSmooth Criminal0:0
14/11/2011Rony Size & ReprazentNew FormsWatching Windows0:0
14/11/2011Sonny HagarHeavy Metal0:0
7/11/2011OldelafLa Tristitude0:0
7/11/2011End Of Me7th SymphonyApocalyptica0:0
7/11/2011Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater RevivalI put a spell on you4:33
7/11/2011Jerôme Van Den HoleJerôme Van Den HoleS'En Aller0:0
7/11/2011The DoorsThe End0:0
31/10/2011Jimmy HendrixPsychédéliquePurple Haze0:0
31/10/2011Rolling StonesFlashpointSympathy For The Devil0:0
31/10/2011Francesca SolevilleChez LeprestJe Ne Te Salue Pas0:0
31/10/2011Eli Paper BoyHelp Me0:0
31/10/2011Noir DésirNoir Désir en concertLes écorchés vifs0:0
31/10/2011Kula ShakerTatva0:0
31/10/2011Sneaker PimpsBecoming XHow Do5:1
24/10/2011Velvet UndergroundLive at Kansas CitySweet Jane0:0
24/10/2011John WilliamsEscutate Justi0:0
24/10/2011LofoforaLe Fond et la formeComme A La Guerre0:0
17/10/2011Allain Leprest (en duo avec Olivia Ruiz)(re)Donne-moi de tes nouvellesEtes-vous là ?0:0
17/10/2011Quentin MorimannPetit avec de grandes oreilles0:0
17/10/2011Fluid Feat BaccaraBarrio Latino IIVocê é o meu amor0:0
17/10/2011Franz FerdinandTake me out0:0
10/10/2011Carmen Maria VegaHiérarchie0:0
10/10/2011Bernard DimeyLa Mer à boireSi Je Tombais Dans La Misère0:0
10/10/2011BreakhotBaby I'm Yours0:0
3/10/2011Sexy SushiRien à foutre0:0
3/10/2011Les porte-manteauxAh ! ça ira !0:0
3/10/2011Noir DésirTostakyIci Paris0:0
3/10/2011Biehl / Font / Sarcloret / BacchusLa verVe et la JoieIdentité nationale (les métèques)0:0
27/9/2011Glenn MillerIn The Mood0:0
26/9/2011Elton JohnI'm Still Standing0:0
26/9/2011PlaceboPure Morning0:0
26/9/2011La Vida BohemeRadio Capital0:0
19/9/2011Pink FloydWish You Were HereHave A Cigar0:0
19/9/2011System of a dawnChop Suey0:0
19/9/2011Marilyn MansonLet me forget : The Best OfRock Is Dead0:0
19/9/2011HummingbirdYou Can't Hide Love0:0
19/9/2011Diana RossI'm coming out0:0
12/9/2011Johnny CashI can see clearly now0:0
12/9/2011Loco LocassLibérez-nous des libéraux0:0
12/9/2011Tex JoeAin't Gonna Bump No More0:0
12/9/2011Ivmar1Ivmar1For Brad0:0
5/9/2011The BreedersThe Last Splash0:0
5/9/2011Bashung & Noir DésirVolontaire0:0
5/9/2011The DoorsBest OfTouch Me0:0
5/9/2011SantanaRadio SaïgonShe's not there0:0
5/9/2011WampasChirac en prisonChirac en prison3:30
5/9/2011Captain OrgasmoNow you're a man0:0
5/9/2011VandalsSummer lovin'0:0
29/8/2011AC/DCLiveRazor's Edge0:0
29/8/2011Allain Leprest(re)donne-moi de mes nouvellesLe Temps de finir la bouteille0:0
29/8/2011Amy WinehouseBack to blackBack to black0:0
29/8/2011Leonard CohenLiveEverybody Knows0:0
29/8/2011Hubert-Félix ThiéfaineTout corps vivant branché sur le serveur étant appelé à s'émouvoL'ascenseur de 22h433:6
29/8/2011Tom JonesShe's a lady0:0
11/7/2011Beastie BoysIll CommunicationSabotage0:0
11/7/2011Led ZepBBC Session (Disc 2)Whole Lotta Love0:0
11/7/2011Led ZepBBC Session (Disc 2)Black Dog0:0
11/7/2011Les PoppysNon, non, rien n'a changé0:0
11/7/2011Vincent BaghianLe Pape à Noël0:0
11/7/2011Bashung & Noir DésirVolontaire0:0
11/7/2011Fragrances et remuglesJe sais pasLe vialin petit zoziau2:24
11/7/2011TRHPSI'm going home0:0
4/7/2011Jimmy Page & RobertPlantWalking into ClarksdaleWhen the world was young0:0
4/7/2011Noir DésirTostakyIci Paris0:0
4/7/2011Jackson SistersI Believe In Miracles0:0
4/7/2011Pierre ProvenceChansons InterlopesMister Pétale0:0
4/7/2011O'dettChansons InterlopesLe tsoin tsoin0:0
4/7/2011Jackson FiveAin't no sunshine0:0
27/6/2011Led ZepBBC Session (Disc 1)Communication Breakdown0:0
27/6/2011Led ZepBBC Session (Disc 1)Whole Lotta Love0:0
27/6/2011Rolling StonesThe official black album bootlegPaint it black0:0
27/6/2011Georges Brassens?Hécatombe0:0
27/6/2011Leonard CohenI'm Your ManFirst We Take Manhattan0:0
20/6/2011Lou ReedThis Magic Moment0:0
20/6/2011The ClashThe Story of the ClashThe Magnificent Seven0:0
20/6/2011AssassinL'Homicide VolontaireShoota Babylon0:0
20/6/2011Georges Brassens?Hécatombe0:0
20/6/2011The ChordettesMr Sandman0:0
20/6/2011Black Bomb AOne Sound Bite to reactBeds are burning0:0
20/6/2011Jean YanneMon Cher Albert0:0
13/6/2011Georges Brassens?Hécatombe0:0
13/6/2011Peter ToshLegalize itLegalize it0:0
13/6/2011Massilia Sound SystemTolerance Double ZeroTenson du Bambou0:0
13/6/2011Georges BrassensLe nombril d'un agent de police0:0
13/6/2011Lee Roy BrownAin't no love0:0
6/6/2011U2ZooropaThe Wanderer0:0
6/6/2011David BowieSpace oddity0:0
6/6/2011Depeche ModeBlasphemous Rumors0:0
6/6/2011Agnès BihlL'Enceinte Vierge0:0
6/6/2011Eartha KittWhere is my man0:0
6/6/2011Gun's 'n RosesUse your illusion IIEstranged0:0
30/5/2011Amy WinehouseRehabRehab0:0
30/5/2011The Pointer sistersSend him back0:0
30/5/2011Hollywood UndeadAmerican TragedyBorn To Hell0:0
30/5/2011Pierre PerretAdam et Eve0:0
30/5/2011Frank ZappaCatholic Girl0:0
30/5/2011Eli Paperboy TeamAm I Wasting My Time0:0
30/5/2011Serge GainsbourgJuif et Dieu0:0
23/5/2011The WhoTommyCan you hear me?0:0
23/5/2011Adrienne PaulyL'amour avec un con0:0
23/5/2011Tito Rodriguez & OrchestraLatino (Compilation)Sabroso Mambo0:0
23/5/2011Jean YanneCamille0:0
23/5/2011ProdigyThe Fat of the landFirestarter0:0
16/5/2011Pierre PerretLa Femme grillagéeLa Femme grillagée0:0
16/5/2011Brigitte FontaineConne0:0
16/5/2011Billy IdolBest OfFlesh for fantasy0:0
16/5/2011Chanson Plus BifluoréeJésus viendra pour les vacances0:0
16/5/2011Janis JoplinPiece of my heart0:0
16/5/2011Led ZeppelinNo Quarter0:0
9/5/2011Amy WinehouseRehabRehab0:0
9/5/2011Yolanda be coolWe no speak americanoWe no speak americano0:0
9/5/2011Vincent BaguianCe soir, c'est moi qui fais la filleSur Jésus Christ j'ai fait une croix0:0
9/5/2011DubamixMix a DubActing Dub0:0
2/5/2011The PixiesBossanovaHangwire0:0
2/5/2011Red Hot Chili PeppersOne hot minuteAeroplane4:45
2/5/2011Léo FerréLes Anarchistes0:0
2/5/2011Henri TachanMa révolte (Disc 2)La Foi0:0
2/5/2011Gogol PremierChansons DangereusesJ'encule0:0
2/5/2011Jean YanneAlleluia Garanti0:0
2/5/2011Roberta FlackSon of a preacher man0:0
25/4/2011MetallicaRide the lightningFor Whom The Bell tolls0:0
25/4/2011Fatal BandDo the bus stop0:0
25/4/2011Guns n'rosesDon't you cry0:0
18/4/2011Lou ReedBerlinLady Day0:0
18/4/2011Lou ReedBerlinWhite Light / White Heat0:0
18/4/2011ACDCThat's The Way I Wanna Rock0:0
18/4/2011ChangeA lover's holiday0:0
11/4/2011Patrick Font & Agnès BiehlIdentité nationale0:0
11/4/2011NofxStand By Me0:0
11/4/2011BreakhotBaby I'm Yours0:0
11/4/2011Eric VirgalSarko Kayé0:0
11/4/2011Neil YoungDown Town0:0
4/4/2011QueenBest Of (Disc 2)Radio Gaga0:0
4/4/2011RammsteinVolkerballAsche zu asche0:0
4/4/2011Cyril MokaieshJe suis communiste0:0
4/4/2011Betty WrightClean Up Woman0:0
28/3/2011ZenzileI don't understand0:0
28/3/2011GogolSous les pavés le feuL'Internationale des voleurs0:0
28/3/2011Brenda LeeI'm sorry0:0
28/3/2011Ace SpectrumKey Holdin'0:0
28/3/2011Candi StatonHe called me baby0:0
21/3/2011Franz FerdinandTake me out0:0
21/3/2011Mickey 3dMistigri TortureLa France a peur0:0
21/3/2011System of a dawnChop Suey0:0
21/3/2011RaffaliA Georges Brassensp0:0
21/3/2011Sneaker PimpsBecoming XHow Do5:1
7/3/2011Depeche modeShake the disease0:0
7/3/2011James BrownOver-DueDance, dance, dance to the funk0:0
7/3/2011The Fat Back BandDo The Bus stop0:0
7/3/2011Janis JoplinBye Bye Baby0:0
7/3/2011Eli Paperboy ReedCome And Get It0:0
28/2/2011Kula ShakerHey Dude0:0
28/2/2011Didier SuperY en a des bien0:0
28/2/2011Ultra VomitObjectif tuneJe collectionne les canards0:0
28/2/2011Brotherhood of the manSave your kisses for me0:0
28/2/2011Jackson SistersI believe in miracles0:0
21/2/2011The DrumsLet's Go Surfing0:0
21/2/2011Skull snappsI'm you pimp0:0
21/2/2011The BreedersCanonball0:0
21/2/2011Kula ShakerHey Dude0:0
14/2/2011ACDCLiveHell's Bells0:0
14/2/2011PlaceboWithout you I'm nothingPure Morning0:0
14/2/2011The Small FacesThe Immediate RecordingsWham Bam, Thank You Mam0:0
14/2/2011Kitt EarthaC'est Si Bon0:0
14/2/2011Kula ShakerTatva0:0
14/2/2011Gnarls BarkleyCrazy0:0
14/2/2011Mario BondiClose to you0:0
31/1/2011Candi StatonHe called me baby0:0
31/1/2011The KinksAll Day and All of the Night0:0
31/1/2011Damien SaezJours étrangesJeune et con0:0
31/1/2011Candi StatonYoung Hearts0:0
31/1/2011Nina SimoneMr Bojangles0:0
24/1/2011The KinksYou really got me now0:0
24/1/2011Boris VianLa Java des bombes atomiques0:0
24/1/2011Deep PurpleLiveSmoke on the water0:0
24/1/2011Les Nonnes TroppoLe roi de la route0:0
24/1/2011Children of bodomAre you dead yet?In your face0:0
17/1/2011Georges ThorgoodBorn to bone0:0
17/1/2011Shocking BlueGreatest HitsVenus0:0
17/1/2011Papreboy Reed EliI'm gonna getcha back0:0
17/1/2011Bo DiddleyBo Diddley0:0
10/1/2011INXSXSuicide blonde0:0
10/1/2011Aretha FranklinSweet sugarY'oure a sweet sugar0:0
3/1/2011Ivmar1Ivmar1For Brad0:0
3/1/2011Gurrumul YunupinguDjarmirri0:0
3/1/2011Me first and the gimmie gimmiesTRHPS0:0
3/1/2011Powder fingerOdyssey (Disk 5)My happiness0:0
3/1/2011Cat EmpireThe ChariotThe Chariot0:0
13/12/2010Led ZeppelinRemasters (Disc 1)Nobody's fault but mine0:0
13/12/2010The ClashBest ofThe Magnificent Seven0:0
13/12/2010The DoorsLove me two times0:0
13/12/2010Fountains of wayneSink to the bottom0:0
13/12/2010The ClashLondon Calling0:0
13/12/2010James BrownLive in concertI got the feeling0:0
13/12/2010The Jimmy Rogers All-StarsBlues blues bluesSweet Home Chicago0:0
6/12/2010The DoorsThe best of The DoorsHello, I love you0:0
6/12/2010Linkin ParkHybrid theoryOne step closer0:0
6/12/2010QueenLive magica Kind of magic0:0
6/12/2010ProdigyThe fat of the landBreathe0:0
29/11/2010Led ZeppelinRemasters (Disc 1)Black dog0:0
29/11/2010Léo Ferré1969 BobinoIls ont voté0:0
29/11/2010SantanaSantanaEvil ways0:0
29/11/2010Diana RossMy old piano0:0
29/11/2010U2Zoo station0:0
22/11/2010Duval MCMatières premièresBalance0:0
22/11/2010Ike & Tina TurnerRolling on the river0:0
22/11/2010Gordy JerryDo you love me0:0
22/11/2010Serge GainsbourgJ'entends des voix0:0
15/11/2010Ivmar1Ivmar1Yellow line0:0
15/11/2010Esther PhilipsJustified0:0
15/11/2010MotivésMotivésLa butte rouge0:0
15/11/2010Les Sales MajestésLe politicien0:0
15/11/2010ProdigyThe fat of the landSmack my bitch up0:0
8/11/2010MGMTElectric Feel0:0
8/11/2010René BinaméLe Père Duchesne0:0
8/11/2010CharlusJ'ai engueulé le patron0:0
8/11/2010Oscar d'LeonCanta sus ExitasMi Bajo y yo0:0
8/11/2010Francesca SolévilleComme une blessure0:0
1/11/2010Village PeopleMacho man0:0
1/11/2010Amy WinehouseBack to blackBack to black0:0
1/11/2010Little RichardAll Around the world0:0
1/11/2010Alanis MorissetteHand in my pocket0:0
1/11/2010Ethel MermumForbidden Broadway0:0
25/10/2010RammsteinDu Hast0:0
25/10/2010FernandelLe tango corse0:0
25/10/2010Le SplendidLa Salsa du démon0:0
25/10/2010Skull SnapsIt's a new day0:0
25/10/2010Aretha FranklinRescue me0:0
25/10/2010Jackson FiveIt's your thing0:0
25/10/2010Jackson FiveOne bad apple0:0
11/10/2010Noir DésirTostakyTostaky0:0
11/10/2010Jacky WilsonHigher and higher0:0
11/10/2010Eli Paperboy reed & the true loveI'm gonna getcha back0:0
11/10/2010Colette RenardLes nuits d'une demoiselle0:0
4/10/2010Led ZepelinMasters (Disc 2)Nobody's fault but mine0:0
4/10/2010Sammy HagarHeavy Metal0:0
4/10/2010Georges BrassensLa Mauvaise Réputation0:0
4/10/2010Serge ReggianiSucces & confidencesLettre à Simone Signoret0:0
4/10/2010Noir DésirNoir Désir en concertLes écorchés vifs0:0
27/9/2010Ivmar1Ivmar1For Brad0:0
27/9/2010Jean FerratHou hou méfions-nous0:0
27/9/2010Action discrèteLes SardouzesFrance0:0
27/9/2010KC and the sunshine bandThat's the way0:0
27/9/2010Mass hysteriaDes nouvelles du ciel0:0
27/9/2010Sly and the family stoneThank you0:0
27/9/2010Ivmar1Ivmar1Screen Sisters0:0
20/9/2010Gnarls BarkleyCrazy0:0
20/9/2010Marina & the diamondsI am not a robot0:0
20/9/2010IndeepLast night the DJ saved my life0:0
20/9/2010Me First and the gimmie gimmieTRHPS0:0
20/9/2010NOFXAux Champs Elysées0:0
14/9/2010Son of staxWhole nuther strutFunky hot grits0:0
13/9/2010The PixiesDoolittleThis monkey's gone to heaven2:57
13/9/2010Led ZeppelinMasters (Disc 1)Dazed and confused0:0
13/9/2010Noir DésirDu ciment sur les plainesEn route pour la joie0:0
13/9/2010Tony Joe WhiteThe BeginningGoing back to bed0:0
13/9/2010Led ZeppelinRemasters (Disc 1)Since I've been loving you7:24
6/9/2010Jimmy HendrixPsychédéliquePurple Haze0:0
6/9/2010Ivmar1Ivmar1Assemblée nationale0:0
6/9/2010The QueenMustapha0:0
6/9/2010Les ramoneurs de menhirsamzer an dispachunnek gwezh0:0
6/9/2010The Velvet UndergroundLoadedSweet Jane0:0
30/8/2010The PixiesDoolittleHere comes your man3:18
30/8/2010Alain LeprestQuand auront fondu les banquisesQuand auront fondu les banquises0:0
30/8/2010MGMTOracular SpectacularKids5:4
30/8/2010The ClashThe Magnificent Seven0:0
30/8/2010Edith PiafAh ça ira !0:0
30/8/2010Anne Sylvestre & Boby LapointeDepuis l'temps0:0
23/8/2010Esma RedzepovaDjelem0:0
23/8/2010RégineLe meilleur de RégineLes femmes ça fait pédé0:0
23/8/2010Ivmar1Ivmar1Ivmar Dark side0:0
12/7/2010Les fatals picardsGoldorak est mort0:0
12/7/2010Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater RevivalI put a spell on you4:33
12/7/2010LofoforaLe fond et la formeLes choses qui nous dérangent0:0
12/7/2010SheilaL'école est finie0:0
21/6/2010QueenLive MagicI want to break free0:0
21/6/2010Léo FerréBobino 69C'est extra3:43
21/6/2010Captain OrgasmoNow you're a man0:0
14/6/2010Peter ToshLegalize itLegalize it0:0
14/6/2010The BeatlesMagical mystery tourBlue Jay way0:0
14/6/2010SpiritCalifornia bluesCalifornia blues0:0
14/6/2010Annie CordyLa bonne du curé0:0
14/6/2010Fraternity of manEasy RiderDon't bogart me (don't bogart that join)0:0
14/6/2010Jimi HendrixElectric churchElectric Red Church house0:0
14/6/2010Jacques BrelLes marquisesLes F...0:0
14/6/2010Dead kennedysMilking the sacral crowKill the poor0:0
7/6/2010Noir Désir666.667 ClubUn jour en France0:0
7/6/2010Jimmy HendrixPsychédéliquePurple Haze0:0
7/6/2010The O'JaysGive the people what they want0:0
7/6/2010The ClashBest OfThis is Radio Clash0:0
7/6/2010Wild CherryPlay that funky lusic0:0
10/5/2010FishboneThe best of fishboneEveryday sunshine0:0
10/5/2010Iggy PopInstinctCold metal0:0
10/5/2010Kamini?Un p'tit coup de mother fuck0:0
10/5/2010Iggy Pop?I wanna be your dog3:3
10/5/2010Lavern BakeSave0:0
3/5/2010Ivmar1Ivmar1Orchestral tribal0:0
3/5/2010OutlawsGhost RidersHurry sundown0:0
3/5/2010Grandaddy(Single)Crystal Lake0:0
26/4/2010The ClashThe Magnificent Seven0:0
26/4/2010The Velvet UndergroundLoadedSweet Jane0:0
26/4/2010PixiesDoolittleGouge away2:45
26/4/2010Caramels fousZest of caramels fousLes bonnes moeurs0:0
26/4/2010Ivmar1Ivmar1Ivmar Dark side0:0
19/4/2010Amy WinehouseBack to blackBack to black0:0
19/4/2010Gil Cerisay HomoportraitDans les prisons de Nantes0:0
19/4/2010Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater RevivalI put a spell on you4:33
19/4/2010Gun's n' RosesUse Your Illusion IIDon't Cry [Original]4:42
19/4/2010Fat Domino?I'm walking0:0
19/4/2010MGMTTime to pretend0:0
12/4/2010Boney MRaspoutine0:0
12/4/2010Tom JonesShe's a lady0:0
12/4/2010AldebertAldebertC'est comment là-haut0:0
12/4/2010Janis JoplinCry baby0:0
5/4/2010MagmaMekanik Kommandoh0:0
5/4/2010Jean SablonVous qui passez sans me voir0:0
5/4/2010Alain BashungMaster SerieLes mots bleus0:0
5/4/2010Annon DuhlMozambique0:0
3/4/2010Kraftwerk?Trans Europe Express10:40
29/3/2010Agnès BihlRêve généralMamie les cheveux mauves0:0
29/3/2010The ClashThe Sorty of the Clash (CD 1)I fought the law0:0
29/3/2010The O'JayGive the people what they want0:0
29/3/2010Sarah EdenBleu nuitLe chapeau de Bogart0:0
29/3/2010GMHBorn 2 b filedWe're going down, but...0:0
15/3/2010Depeche ModeI Feel you0:0
15/3/2010JulietteLiveTout est bon dans le cochon0:0
15/3/2010Jean FerratLa commune0:0
15/3/2010Marianne and the diamondsI am not a robot0:0
8/3/2010Sarah EdenBleu nuitPyjama blues0:0
8/3/2010The Who(Single)Substitute0:0
8/3/2010Jean WrightSon of stax funkCarry on0:0
8/3/2010The ClashLondon callingLondon calling0:0
8/3/2010Sarah EdenBleu nuitAu bout de la nuit0:0
1/3/2010Noir Désir666.667 ClubUn jour en France0:0
1/3/2010Noir Désir666.667 ClubSeptembre, en attendant0:0
1/3/2010The Doors?The end0:0
1/3/2010Taj MahalBig BluesMail box blues0:0
1/3/2010GMHBorn 2 be filedLove song0:0
1/3/2010GMHBorn 2 be filedStupidization0:0
22/2/2010Alain BashungMaster Serie 2Madame rêve0:0
22/2/2010The PixiesDoolittleHere comes my gun0:0
22/2/2010The PixiesDoolittleHey0:0
22/2/2010Shocking BlueGreatest hitsVenus0:0
22/2/2010Velvet UndergroundLoadedLonesome Cowboy Bill0:0
22/2/2010PortisheadLive at Albert HallCloser0:0
15/2/2010Les ramoneurs de menhirsDans an diaoulDans gwadek 20:0
15/2/2010Edwin Star?War0:0
15/2/2010Les ramoneurs de menhirsDans an diaoulBellARB0:0
15/2/2010Roberta Flake?Song of a preacher man0:0
8/2/2010FishboneThe best of FishboneFight the youth0:0
8/2/2010The Velvet UndergroundLoadedNew Age5:20
8/2/2010Lou ReedLost HighwayThis magic moment0:0
8/2/2010David BowieLive Santa Monica'72Suffragette city0:0
25/1/2010Noir D�sirDu Ciment sous les plainesDu Ciment sous les plaines0:0
25/1/2010Rolling StonesThe official black album bootlegLike a rolling stone0:0
25/1/2010Led ZeppelinRemasters (Disc 1)Black dog0:0
25/1/2010The Velvet UndergroundLoadedSweet Jane0:0
25/1/2010Rolling StonesThe official black album bootlegPaint it black0:0
18/1/2010Georges Brassens(Pirate)H�catombe0:0
18/1/2010The Moody BluesRadio SongNights in white satin4:22
18/1/2010Janis Joplin?Mary Jane0:0
18/1/2010The Beatles?Twist and shout0:0
11/1/2010Led ZeppelinMasters (Disc 1)Ramble on0:0
11/1/2010RammsteinRammsteinEin Mensch brennt4:25
11/1/2010Steve Miller BandThe very best ofFly like an eagle0:0
11/1/2010Wild Cherry?Play that funky music0:0
11/1/2010Aretha Franklin?Natural woman0:0
11/1/2010Glen Miller?Sunrise Serenade0:0
4/1/2010REMOut of timeRadio Song0:0
4/1/2010??Le père Duchène0:0
4/1/2010Noir D�sirTostakyJohnny Col�re2:17
4/1/2010The PixiesDoolittleThis monkey's gone to heaven2:57
4/1/2010Kraftwerk?Trans Europe Express10:40
21/12/2009The PixiesCome on pilgrimCaribou0:0
21/12/2009Gogol PremierChansons DangereusesJ'encule0:0
21/12/2009Depeche Mode?Just can't get enough0:0
21/12/2009Noir DésirOù veux-tu que j'regarde ?Pyromane0:0
21/12/2009VoicesWWE The music (Vol 3)Pain0:0
21/12/2009Depeche Mode?I Feel You0:0
14/12/2009Les escrocs?ASSEDIC0:0
14/12/2009Alain Bashung?Le dimanche à Tchernobyl0:0
14/12/2009DubamixMix a dubPolice0:0
14/12/2009Léo FerréBobino 69C'est extra3:43
7/12/2009Gilles ServatComme je voudrai !Erika3:41
7/12/2009Francesca SolevilleChez LeprestJe ne te salue pas4:30
7/12/2009The PixiesCome on pilgrimCaribou0:0
7/12/2009REMOut of timeLosing my religion4:26
30/11/2009RammsteinRammsteinEin Mensch brennt4:25
30/11/2009Les Inconnus?Vice-et-versa3:46
30/11/2009The Who(Single)Substitute0:0
30/11/2009Gun's n' RosesUse Your Illusion IIDon't Cry [Original]4:42
30/11/2009SneakerPimpsBecoming xLow place like home4:37
23/11/2009Bentley Rythm AceBentley Rythm AceBentley gonna sort you out !4:48
23/11/2009The PixiesCome on PilgrimEd is dead0:0
23/11/2009The Cure?Close To Me0:0
23/11/2009Willie SalcedoViva la salsa !Murio El Sonero0:0
23/11/2009MGMTOracular SpectacularKids5:4
16/11/2009The PixiesDoolittleHere comes your man3:18
16/11/2009RammsteinVolkerballReise, reise5:31
16/11/2009Police?Can't stand losing you2:51
16/11/2009Boney M?Ma Baker4:8
9/11/2009Noir DésirTostakyIci Paris0:0
9/11/2009Jacques Marchais?Makhnovtchina0:0
9/11/2009Georges Brassens?Le modeste0:0
9/11/2009The Dandy WarholsThirteen tales from urban bohemiaBohemian like you3:33
9/11/2009GMHLive 2 be filedStupidilization2:5
2/11/2009Green DayAmerican IdiotBoulevard of broken dreams4:20
2/11/2009WampasChirac en prisonChirac en prison3:30
2/11/2009Self Destruct?Adolescent0:0
2/11/2009Led ZeppelinRemasters (Disc 1)Babe I'm gonna leave you6:41
26/10/2009DubamixMix a dubFlashing Taser5:24
26/10/2009Luz CasalLa PasionHistoria de un amor0:0
26/10/2009??Le père Duchène0:0
26/10/2009James BrownLive at Chastain ParkDoing it to death4:2
26/10/2009GMHLive 2 be filed... is there a way up ?2:0
26/10/2009Jackson Five?Corner of the sky3:41
26/10/2009Led ZeppelinBBC Session (Disc 2)Thank you6:35
19/10/2009The PixiesDoolittleThis monkey's gone to heaven2:57
19/10/2009VoicesWWE The music (Vol 3)Randy Orton3:24
19/10/2009QueenLive MagicRadio Gaga4:26
19/10/2009Red Hot Chili PeppersOne hot minuteAeroplane4:45
19/10/2009Dick AnnegarnBest ofBébé éléphant2:37
12/10/2009The PixiesDoolittleHere comes your man0:0
12/10/2009Body CountBody CountBorn Dead5:57
12/10/2009MGMTOracular SpectacularKids5:4
12/10/2009The Staple SingersSoul Hits (Disc 1)I'll take you there4:25
12/10/2009NOFXPunk CoverStand by me2:55
12/10/2009Led ZeppelinRemasters (Disc 1)Since I've been loving you7:24
5/10/2009Gilles ServatComme je voudrai !Erika3:41
5/10/2009Led ZeppelinBBC Sessions (Disc 2)Starway to Heaven8:49
5/10/2009Cui JanNe rien avoir (traduit du chinois)Bu zai yian shi3:56
5/10/2009Al Green?Let's stay together0:0
5/10/2009Gil CerisayHomoportraitDans les prisons de Nantes2:35
28/9/2009Rolling StonesOfficial Black Album BootlegHarlem Shuffle6:34
28/9/2009Hubert-Félix ThiéfaineTout corps vivant branché sur le serveur étant appelé à s'émouvoL'ascenseur de 22h433:6
28/9/2009Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsGrinder manno pussy blues4:20
28/9/2009Neil YoungHarvestHarvest3:11
28/9/2009Jackson FiveI wanna be where you are0:0
21/9/2009New Order?Close Range0:0
21/9/2009Léo Ferré?L'affiche rouge0:0
21/9/2009Led ZeppelinBBC Sessions (Disc 2)Dazed and confused18:36
21/9/2009Dionne Warwick?Wake on by0:0
14/9/2009PixiesDoolittleGouge away2:45
6/7/2009Billy Ze Kick?A vélo0:0
6/7/2009Eddy Mitchell?Il ne rentre pas ce soir0:0
6/7/2009Tom JonesIt's not unusual0:0
6/7/2009Noir Désir666.667 ClubSeptembre, en attendant3:1
6/7/2009Junior ConyThe meaning of lifeThe meaning of life6:23
1/6/2009Jacques Higelin?Tombé du ciel0:0
1/6/2009CharlElie Couture?Comme un avion sans aile0:0
18/5/2009Red Hot Chili PeppersOne Hot MinuteMy friends4:9
18/5/2009John Lennon(Single)Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)0:0
18/5/2009Nick Cave and the bad seedsDig Lazarus, Dig !!!Dig Lazarus, Dig !!!0:0
11/5/2009Little RichardAll Around the World0:0
4/5/2009Jimi HendrixAre you experienced ?Purple Haze0:0
4/5/2009Gun's n' RosesUse Your Illusion IIDon't Cry [Original]4:42
4/5/2009Gun's n' RosesUse Your Illusion IIEstranged9:21
4/5/2009Michel BühlerPassantDémocratie2:48
27/4/2009Massive AttackMezzanineAngel5:35
27/4/2009Iggy PopJe sais pasI wanna be your dog3:3
27/4/2009Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater RevivalI put a spell on you4:33
20/4/2009The DoorsThe DoorsBreak On Through (To the Other Side)2:26
20/4/2009Noir Désir666 667 Club666 667 Club3:40
20/4/2009Fatal Bazooka(Single)Fous ta cagoule0:0
20/4/2009Adrienne PaulyAdrienne PaulyJ'veux un Mec3:29
20/4/2009The ClashThis is Radio ClashThis is Radio Clash4:10
6/4/2009Led ZeppelinBBC Sessions (Disc 2)Going to california3:54
6/4/2009The ClashBest Of (Disc 1)The Magnificent Seven0:0
6/4/2009Jean Yanne(Single)Tout le monde il est beau, tout le monde il est gentil0:0
6/4/2009Wilson PickettHey JudeHey Jude0:0
6/4/2009Leonard CohenLiveEverybody Knows0:0
30/3/2009Noir Désir666.667 ClubA la longue0:0
30/3/2009DubamixMix a dubBalkan0:0
30/3/2009??Parodie de qqn m'a dit0:0
23/3/2009Graeme AllrightSuzanne0:0
23/3/2009Noir DésirDu Ciment sous les plainesDu Ciment sous les plaines0:0
23/3/2009Henri TachanLaissez Venir à Moi Les Petites FansLaissez Venir à Moi Les Petites Fans0:0
23/3/2009Johnny WinterCompil WoodstockOut of Sight0:0
16/3/2009Noir Désir & Bashung(Single)Volontaire0:0
16/3/2009EnhancerDésobéirQu'est-ce qu'on va laisser ?0:0
16/3/2009Grateful DeadCompil WoodstockEye of the world5:2
9/3/2009Noir Désir666.667 ClubUn jour en France0:0
9/3/2009MuseJe sais pas Je sais pas 0:0
9/3/2009Velvet UndergroundLoadedSweet Jane0:0
9/3/2009Janis JoplinCry baby0:0
9/3/2009Bob DylanForever young0:0
9/3/2009Berry GordyDo you love me0:0
9/3/2009The Jackson FiveBen0:0
2/3/2009David BowieDiamond DogsRebel Rebel4:30
2/3/2009Noir Désir666.667 ClubA ton étoile0:0
2/3/2009Aretha FranklinJe sais pasJe sais pas0:0
2/3/2009Gilbert LafailleLive pirateLe président et l'éléphant0:0
2/3/2009Green DayJe sais pasJe sais pas0:0
2/3/2009Velvet UndergroundLoadedSweet Jane0:0
23/2/2009Noir Désir666.667 ClubL'homme pressé0:0
23/2/2009Red Hot Chili PeppersOne Hot MinuteOne Hot Minute0:0
23/2/2009Serge GainsbourgBonnie and ClydeBonnie and Clyde0:0
23/2/2009Marvin GayeWhat's Going OnWhat's Going On0:0
16/2/2009Velvet UndergroundWhite Light / White HeatWhite Light / White Heat0:0
16/2/2009Fragrances et remuglesJe sais pasLe vialin petit zoziau2:24
16/2/2009Anne SylvestreLes pierres dans mon jardin / une sorcière comme les autresUne sorcière comme les autres7:8
16/2/2009Quartier NordSuspectsBaumettes-les-bains0:0
9/2/2009Noir Désir666.667 ClubComme elle vient0:0
9/2/2009Mix a dubDubamixHaydub0:0
9/2/2009Brigitte FontaineGenre HumainConne0:0
9/2/2009LéonieCompil Rock OneLes jouets de l'envie0:0
9/2/2009DubamixMix a dubPubamix0:0
2/2/2009The BeatlesThe magical mystery tourPenny Lane0:0
2/2/2009Red Hot Chili PeppersOne hot minuteAeroplane0:0
2/2/2009Jimi HendrixAre you experienced ?Purple Haze0:0
2/2/2009Serge GainsburgDe Gainsbourg à GainsbarrePar hasard et pas rasé0:0
2/2/2009Serge GainsburgDe Gainsbourg à GainsbarreVue de l'extérieur0:0
2/2/2009Led ZeppelinBBC SessionsThank you0:0
26/1/2009MegadethBut who's buying ?Peace sells0:0
26/1/2009Jimi HendrixThe Jimi Hendrix ExperienceHey Joe0:0
26/1/2009The BeatlesTwist and shoutTwist and shout0:0
26/1/2009Velvet UndergroundLoadedWho loves the sun2:50
19/1/2009Georges BrassensJe sais pasLes oiseaux de passage0:0
19/1/2009The PixiesBossanovaHangwire0:0
19/1/2009Agnès BihlDemandez le programmeDemandez le programme0:0
19/1/2009Led ZeppelinRemasters CD 1Ramble on0:0
19/1/2009DubamixMix a dubCPE (Chriac Parisot Emerveillés) 4:32
19/1/2009EnhancerDésobéirA vendre0:0
12/1/2009The PixiesBossanovaThe happening0:0
12/1/2009AldebertLes paradis disponiblesL'appétit du bonheur0:0
12/1/2009Miriam MakebaPata PataPata Pata0:0
12/1/2009The WhoWho's NextBaba O'Riley5:9
12/1/2009Michel BühlerChansons têtuesEn Palestine0:0
12/1/2009DubamixMix a dubActing Dub0:0
29/12/2008QueenThe worksI want to break free0:0
29/12/2008Beastie BoysIll CommunicationSure Shot3:19
29/12/2008CaravanThe AlbumHeartbreaker3:6
29/12/2008CaravanThe AlbumCorner of me eye3:37
29/12/2008CaravanThe AlbumWatcha gonna tell me4:48
29/12/2008CaravanThe AlbumPiano player5:24
29/12/2008Jimi HendrixAre you experienced ?Purple Haze0:0
22/12/2008Grandaddy(Single)Crystal Lake0:0
22/12/2008Fragrances et remuglesJe sais pasLe vialin petit zoziau2:24
22/12/2008Alice In ChainsUnpluggedDown in a hole0:0
22/12/2008Screaming Jay HawkinsJe sais pasJe sais pas0:0
15/12/2008Jefferson AirplaneSurrealistic PillowWhite Rabbit0:0
15/12/2008Limp BizkitResults may varyAlmost Over0:0
15/12/2008Jean Guidoni & JulietteJean Guidoni chante PrévertLa chasse à l'enfant0:0
8/12/2008BrassensLa mauvaise réputationHécatombe1:55
8/12/2008Body CountBody CountBorn Dead5:57
8/12/2008Rita MitsoukoCatherine Ringer chante les Rita MitsoukoMarcia Baila 5:52
8/12/2008Doris Day(Single)Dream a little dream of me3:13
8/12/2008Simple Plan(Single)Welcome to my life3:21
1/12/2008Noir DésirGagnants / PerdantsGagnants / Perdants4:18
1/12/2008Pierre PerretPierrot dans la lune en plein soleilLa bête est revenue0:0
1/12/2008Steve Miller BandSailorTake The Money and Run0:0
1/12/2008Gabicheri-A la guillotine0:0
1/12/2008PortisheadRoseland New York LiveHalf Day Closing4:12
24/11/2008Jimi HendrixAre you experienced ?Foxy Lady3:19
24/11/2008Jimi HendrixElectric LadylandAll along the watchtower4:1
24/11/2008Léo FerréBobino 1969Les Anarchistes0:0
24/11/2008The PixiesBossanovaHang Wire0:0
24/11/2008Oscar De Leon--0:0
17/11/2008Queen & David BowieHot SPaceUnder Pressure0:0
17/11/2008The PixiesBossanovaIs She Weird0:0
17/11/2008No TearsBorderlineMadness0:0
17/11/2008IAML'école du micro d'argentL'Empire du Côté Obscur0:0
17/11/2008Patricia Lay--0:0
10/11/2008Noir DésirTostakyJohnny Colère2:17
10/11/2008Georges BrassensLes Trompettes De La RenomméeLa guerre de 14-182:19
10/11/2008QueenThe worksI want to break free0:0
10/11/2008Sex PistolsThe great rock'n'roll swindleAnarchy in the UK0:0
10/11/2008Jimi HendrixAxis : Bold as loveCastes made of sand2:46
10/11/2008Jimi HendrixBest OfThe star sprangled banner0:0
10/11/2008Rumblefish-Capitaine Flemme0:0
28/10/2008The PixiesCome on pilgrimCaribou0:0
28/10/2008Patrick Font--0:0
27/10/2008Gabicheri-Ca ira0:0
20/10/2008PixiesDoolittleHere comes you man0:0
20/10/2008Jacques BrelOlympia 1961Les Bourgeois0:0
20/10/2008Albert MarcoeurTravaux PratiquesLe diable0:0
6/10/2008Edith Piaf-Rien de rien0:0
6/10/2008The PixiesBossanovaIs She Weird0:0
6/10/2008François BérangerLe cactusCombien ça coûte0:0
29/9/2008Gil CerisayHomoportraitDans la prison de Nante0:0
22/9/2008Pink FloydDark Side of the moonThe Great Gig in The Sky0:0
22/9/2008Led ZeppelinBBC Sessions (Disc 2)Since I've been loving you6:56
15/9/2008Pink FloydDark Side of the moonBreathe0:0
15/9/2008Pink FloydDark Side of the moonRun0:0
15/9/2008Pink FloydDark Side of the moonTime0:0
15/9/2008Gogol PremierChansons DangereusesJ'encule0:0
15/9/2008Nick Cave and the bad seedsDig Lazarus, Dig !!!Dig Lazarus, Dig !!!0:0
15/9/2008GainsbourgRock around the bunkerNazi rock0:0
15/9/2008Thomas FersenLes mouchesJe connais une mouche0:0
8/9/2008The BeatlesPast Masters 2Revolution0:0
8/9/2008Agnès Bihl(Live)L'Enceinte Vierge0:0
8/9/2008The Police(Single)Can't Stand Losing You 0:0
8/9/2008Bernard HerrmannNorth By Northwest(Divers)0:0
8/9/2008Didier Bénureau(Spectacle)Chanson pour Moralès0:0
8/9/2008Rage Against The Machine(je sais pas)(je sais plus)0:0
1/9/2008Iggy PopJe sais pasI wanna be your dog3:3
1/9/2008RammsteinHerzeleidWollt Ihr das Bett In Flammen sehen0:0
1/9/2008The Who(Single)Substitute0:0
18/8/2008Noir DésirTostakyMarlène0:0
18/8/2008Miss HéliumLes Oreilles Loin Du Front!Le Bétail Humain0:0
11/8/2008Georges BrassensDiscographie 1965-1981La Ballade des Gens qui sont nés quelque part0:0
11/8/2008Henri Tachan1965-1981: Henri Tachan vol. 1Les Jeux Olympiques0:0
11/8/2008David BowieThe Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from MarsZiggy Stardust3:13
11/8/2008René Binamé(Je sais pas)Anarchie vaincra0:0
9/8/2008PulpDifferent ClassCommon People5:50
4/8/2008QueenBest OfMagic0:0
4/8/2008Noir DésirTostakyOublié4:33
28/7/2008Georges Brassens(Pirate)Hécatombe0:0
28/7/2008Georges Brassens(Pirate)Les Trompettes de la Renommée0:0
7/7/2008Noir DésirTostakyMarlène0:0
7/7/2008New Order(Je sais pas)Close Range0:0
7/7/2008Led ZeppelinBBC Sessions (Disc 2)Immigrant Song0:0
7/7/2008Led ZeppelinBBC Sessions (Disc 2)Heartbreaker5:16
7/7/2008Led ZeppelinBBC Sessions (Disc 2)Going to california3:54
30/6/2008Led ZeppelinBBC Sessions (Disc 2)Going to california3:54
30/6/2008Beastie BoysIll CommunicationSure Shot3:19
23/6/2008O’DettChansons InterlopesLe Tsoin-Tsoin (à Bouffémont)0:0
23/6/2008QueenA Day at the RacesSomebody to Love0:0
23/6/2008Patrick HernandezBorn to be AliveBorn to be Alive0:0
23/6/2008Tom Jones(Single)It's Not Unusual0:0
23/6/2008Village People(Single)In the Navy0:0
23/6/2008Velvet UndergroundThe Velvet Underground and NicoI'm Waiting for the Man0:0
23/6/2008The Weather GirlsSuccessIt's Raining Men0:0
16/6/2008Les Fatals Picards(Single)Goldorak est mort0:0
16/6/2008Peter ToshLegalize itLegalize it0:0
16/6/2008DieselSais pasSérie Noire0:0
16/6/2008Country Joe Mc Donald and The FishLife and TimesMarijuana0:0
9/6/2008PortisheadRoseland NYC LiveStrangers5:20
9/6/2008David Lynch et Angelo BadalamentiTwin Peaks : Fire Walk With MeQuestions in a world of blue0:0
9/6/2008David Lynch et Angelo BadalamentiTwin Peaks : Fire Walk With MeTwin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me0:0
9/6/2008Noir DésirDu ciment sous les plainesThe Holy Economic War0:0
9/6/2008Steppenwolf(Single)Born to Be Wild0:0
9/6/2008The PixiesCome On PilgrimVamos5:6
2/6/2008LofoforaMémoire de singesTorture0:0
2/6/2008Tom JonesGreatest HitsShe's a lady0:0
26/5/2008AbbaBest OfMoney, Money0:0
26/5/2008AbbaBest OfGimme, Gimme, Gimme0:0
26/5/2008BrelOlympia 64Le Plat Pays0:0
26/5/2008FerréFerré chante AragonL'Affiche rouge0:0
19/5/2008Hubert-Félix ThiéfaineTout corps vivant branché sur le secteur étant appelé à s'émouvoirL'Ascenseur de 22h43 (1re partie) 0:0
19/5/2008Charles Trenet-Je Chante0:0
19/5/2008Noir DésirDu Ciment sous les plainesNo, No, No0:0
19/5/2008No TearsBorderlineMadness0:0
19/5/2008Vincent BaguianCe soir, c'est moi qui fais la fillePolice Secours3:35
12/5/2008Peter ToshLegalize itLegalize it0:0
12/5/2008Lou ReedHooky WookyThis magic moment3:23
12/5/2008PixiesCome on PilgrimCaribou3:25
12/5/2008The ClashLondon CallingGuns of Brixton0:0
5/5/2008DémagoHopitalSAis plus0:0
5/5/2008RammsteinSehnsuchtBestrafe mich0:0
28/4/2008Sham 69Tell Us The TruthHey Little Rich Boy1:43
28/4/2008France Gall(Single)Poupée de cire, poupée de son2:32
28/4/2008Jimmy Page & Robert PlantWalking into ClarksdaleWalking into Clarksdale0:0
28/4/2008The WhoWho's NextBaba O'Riley5:9
21/4/2008Patti Smith GroupEasterBecause The Night0:0
21/4/2008Sneaker PimpsBecoming XLow Place Like Home4:37
21/4/2008Fréhel-Où est-il donc0:0
14/4/2008Gil CerisayHomoportraitDans Les Prisons de Nantes0:0
14/4/2008The Staple Singers(Single)I'll Take You There0:0
14/4/2008RammsteinMutterMein Herz brennt0:0
14/4/2008La CanailleJe sais pasNi DIeu Ni Maître0:0
14/4/2008Black Lips(Single)Veni Vidi Vici0:0
7/4/2008The PixiesSurfer Rosa & Come On PilgrimVamos5:6
7/4/2008The BeatlesThe Magical Mystery TourI Am The Walrus0:0
7/4/2008Noir DésirTostakyOne Trip, One Noise0:0
31/3/2008MuseBlack Holes and RevelationsSupermassive Black Hole3:32
31/3/2008Georges BrassensJe sais pasLe temps ne fait rien à l'affaire0:0
31/3/2008SanseverinoChez LeprestDans le sac à main de la putain0:0
31/3/2008Mon côté punkChez LeprestC'est peut-être Mozart0:0
31/3/2008Gil CerisayHomoportraitHomoportait bis0:0
24/3/2008Jean-Michel CaradecJe sais pasAu royaume de France0:0
24/3/2008Michel BuhlerChansons têtuesCeux qui disent non0:0
24/3/2008Je sais pasJe sais pasNo Pasaran0:0
24/3/2008EvaristeA pasLa Faute à Nanterre0:0
24/3/2008The BeatlesThe Magical Mystery TourI Am The Walrus0:0
24/3/2008The PixiesDoolittleGouge Away0:0
3/3/2008PulpDifferent ClassCommon People5:50
3/3/2008Dandy WarholsThirteen Tales from Urban BohemiaHorse Pills3:24
3/3/2008Gotan ProjectLa Revancha Del TangoEpoca0:0
3/3/2008Weird Al Jankovic-Single-You're Pitiful3:17
28/2/2008Sneaker PimpsBecoming XHow Do5:1
25/2/2008Georges BrassensLe MécréantLe Mécréant0:0
25/2/2008Gun's n' RosesUse Your Illusion IIDon't Cry [Alternate]4:42
25/2/2008Fabulous TrobadorsDuels de tchatche et autres trucs du folklore toulousainIl nous ment0:0
18/2/2008Lou SaintagneBébert et ouamLa gérontophile0:0
18/2/2008Thomas PitiotGriotTu viens chez moi3:49
18/2/2008Gogol PremierChansons DangereusesJ'encule0:0
18/2/2008Elton JohnLive in EdinburghBenny And The Jets0:0
18/2/2008Joey RamoneJe sais pasWhat a wonderful world0:0
11/2/2008Rage Against The MachineRage Against The MachineWake Up6:4
11/2/2008BérangerJe sais pasMamadou m'a dit0:0
11/2/2008Noir DésirTostakyOublié4:33
11/2/2008Sneaker PimpsBecoming XHow Do5:1
4/2/2008RenaudMistral GagnantMistral Gagnant2:46
4/2/2008Thomas PitiotGriotIls vendent tout6:29
28/1/2008RammsteinMutterMein Herz brennt0:0
28/1/2008ImaginationJe sais pasJust an illusion0:0
21/1/2008Red Hot Chili PepperBlood Suger Sex MagicGive It Away0:0
21/1/2008Led ZeppelinRemastersHeartbreaker0:0
21/1/2008Vincent BaguianCe soir, c'est moi qui fais la filleCe soir, c'est moi qui fais la fille3:59
21/1/2008Rage Against The MachineKilling In The NameKilling In The Name0:0
24/12/2007Léo FerréJe sais pasL'affiche rouge4:4
24/12/2007CaravanIn The Land of grey and pinkIn The Land of grey and pink0:0
24/12/2007Trust(Single)Petit Papa Noël0:0
24/12/2007RenaudLe retour de Gérard LambertLe Père Noël noir0:0
24/12/2007Wim MertensStratégie de la RuptureIris9:57
24/12/2007Leonard CohenLiveEverybody Knows0:0
24/12/2007BarbaraIl sait pasL'Aigle Noir0:0
24/12/2007Bobby LapointeNous ne savons pasHé v'nez les potes0:0
17/12/2007The PixiesDoolittleGouge Away0:0
17/12/2007The PixiesDoolittleDead0:0
17/12/2007Eric Burdon & The AnimalsEric Burdon & The AnimalsNight Fighter0:0
10/12/2007ZZTopRecyclerConcrete and Steel0:0
10/12/2007The BeatlesThe Magical Mystery TourI Am The Walrus0:0
10/12/2007Noir DésirTostakyHere It Comes Slowly0:0
26/11/2007Ike & Tina TurnerDble Best-Volume 1You're up to something0:0
26/11/2007Ike & Tina TurnerDble Best-Volume 1Shake a hand0:0
26/11/2007Rage Against The MachineLive at the Grand Olympic AuditoriumA Bullet In Your Head0:0
26/11/2007Iggy PopJe sais pasI wanna be your dog3:3
19/11/2007Henri TachanIntégrale Vol3 Cd 1La chasse0:0
19/11/2007WampasChirac en prisonChirac en prison3:30
19/11/2007David BowieDiamond DogsRebel Rebel4:30
12/11/2007MatmatahSingleLes moutons0:0
12/11/2007Noir DésirTostakyAlice3:55
12/11/2007RammsteinMutterMein Herz brennt4:39
12/11/2007Rocky Horror Picture ShowRocky Horror Picture ShowThe Time Warp3:39
5/11/2007The BrassensNoneLa vibe0:0
5/11/2007KaminiPsychostar World Un Ptit Coup De Motherfuck2:21
22/10/2007Lou ReedHooky WookyThis magic moment3:23
22/10/2007Iggy PopJe sais pasI wanna be your dog3:3
22/10/2007Sneaker PimpsBecoming XHow Do5:1
22/10/2007Marc HavetJe sais pasAdieu ma petite maman2:10
15/10/2007Vincent BaguianCe soir, c'est moi qui fais la filleCe soir, c'est moi qui fais la fille3:59
15/10/2007Vincent BaguianCe soir, c'est moi qui fais la fillePolice Secours3:35
8/10/2007Amon DüülAmon Düül IIKanaan2:22
8/10/2007Amon DüülAmon Düül IIJail House Frog2:22
8/10/2007Amon DüülAmon Düül IIJail House FrogTables are turned2:22
1/10/2007Wim MertensStratégie de la RuptureIris9:57
1/10/2007Blackwater ParkDirt BoxRock Song8:46
24/9/2007Mickey 3DTu vas pas mourir de rireRespire4:10
24/9/2007Sex PistolsNever Mind the BollocksGod Save the Queen3:17
24/9/2007Daniel VachéeJe sais pasMon père2:50
17/9/2007Georges BrassensContre tout / Les poètesLa pensée des morts5:36
17/9/2007Orchestra e Coro del Teatro San Carlo di NapoliIl TrovatoreTutto e deserto (Conte)1:17
17/9/2007Orchestra e Coro del Teatro San Carlo di NapoliIl TrovatoreDeserto sulla terra (Manrico)3:18
17/9/2007Janis JoplinI Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama!Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)3:57
10/9/2007Brel JacquesJe sais pasLes bonbons 682:57
10/9/2007Wim MertensStratégie de la RuptureIris9:57
10/9/2007Lou ReedTransformerWalk on the wild side4:15
3/9/2007PixiesCome on PilgrimCaribou3:25
3/9/2007Red Hot Chili PeppersFreaky StyleyJungle Man4:9
3/9/2007Rolling StonesSticky FingersBrown Sugar3:50
3/9/2007Brel JacquesJe sais pasLes bonbons 682:57
27/8/2007Dionne WarwickBeg Scream & Shout: The Big Ol' Box of '60s Soul Disc 2Don't Make Me Over2:50
27/8/2007David BowieThe Singles Collection 1Suffragette City2:45
27/8/2007Un Biglietto per l'infernoUn Biglietto per l'infernoL'amico suicida13:20
6/8/2007Jean YanneJe sais plusSi tu t'en irais2:22
6/8/2007WampasChirac en prisonChirac en prison3:30
6/8/2007Etienne DahoSortir ce soirDes attractions désastre3:6